WATCH: We Break Down Last Night’s Controversial Top Chef Verdict

Who’s feeling a little manic depressive today over the loss of Top Chef’s most sardonic character since Richard Blais: Stephanie Cmar? Answer: everyone. Let’s break down what the flimflam happened last night.

First of all, Nicholas made a dish that looked like hair pulled out of a drain, followed by a grainy panna cotta, which everyone knows is a bullshit dessert to begin with. His drain-hair chicken was actually so offensive that one of last night’s guest judges refused to eat it, and it caused a fight at the dinner table about respecting a person’s work.

Alas, Nicholas had immunity. You know who doesn’t believe in immunity? Jacques Pepin. Jacques Pepin, in fact, is all-too-happy to be the soul-crushing voice of reason and ask if you’d serve your mother that food. He might even suggest that the noble thing to do would be to resign. Did Nicholas resign? Of course not. Did Nicholas’ terrible dishes endanger beautiful, hilarious Stephanie and Shirley? They did. Did Stephanie get sent home unjustly? You bet, and we’re sitting shiva over it. These are dark times, Harry.

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