Top Chef Prank War In Real Life Results In $60,000 Check At Chicago’s Moto


Homaro Cantu, the chef of noted Expensive Chicago Restaurant moto, has a puckish sense of humor.* He also is the boss and mentor to Top Chef contestants Chris Jones (who recently left moto) and Richie Farina (who is his sous chef). So when two of their old Season 9 buddies walked through the door, Cantu and Farina promptly schooled them in pulling an excellent Receipt Prank. It’s easy to do, just follow these steps:

  1. Notice “Malibu” Chris Crary and “Wisconsin” Grayson Schmitz in your restaurant.
  2. Find as many ludicrous things you could possibly charge someone for in a restaurant, like “Water Pour Fee,” “iTunes Hourly Rate,” and “Nitro Observation.”
  3. Giggle maniacally.
  4. Immediately write down all the internet memes you can remember at the moment. Honey Badger is a good one. Also, flirting with cats.
  5. Remember that time that you lived with them in a house in Texas and got wasted while the cameras made you stay up for 24 hours making chili. Remember hazily that someone may have harassed you. It may not have been Crary or Schmitz. It may not have happened at all. Decide you want your sexual harassment lawsuit money anyways and charge them for it.
  6. Remember that your normal prix fixe menu tops out at $175. Blindfold self and punch numbers into MicrOS until you come up with a satisfyingly insane number on the bill.
  7. Add an automatic 18% gratuity fee.
  8. Present $60,000 receipt to Malibu and Wisconsin.
  9. Die laughing.

Don’t worry, says Cantu to Chicagoist; their food was actually comped.

*(We have been dying to use the word “puckish” in one of our articles. Thanks, Homaro Cantu!)


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