Tonight In Food TV: Top Chefs Get Dragged To The Roller Derby

Fair warning: there is no cooking in this sneak peek of tonight’s Top Chef: Seattle. There is only a mounting climax to the moment when Top Chef-testants snap and hurl Josie off the top of the Space Needle. (We’d secretly love for this to go down during Judges’ Table, while Padma and Tom Colicchio look on, unamused.)

This week, it looks like Josie drags her fellow competitors to the roller derby, which doesn’t sound like an altogether outlandish chef leisure activity. Badass girls kicking each other’s tails up and down a roller rink? What’s not to love? Answer: Josie’s enthusiasm. Her general inability to match the tone of her voice to the volume of a room seems to be grating on the chefs’ nerves. Possibly even microplaning them.

Check out the sneak peek from tonight’s Top Chef: Seattle below. We’ll begin accepting bets on how long it takes for Josie to get ousted via exasperated competitor sabotage now.

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