Top Chef Season 10 Finale Totally (Unofficially) Shooting In Alaska Right Now

Despite Padma’s incessant shushing, the rumor mill has all but confirmed that Top Chef Season 10’s host city will be Seattle, WA, although crews have also been spotted in Portland, OR, leading to speculation that perhaps they’re simply sticking with a Pacific Northwest theme, like they did last season visiting multiple location in Texas, instead of choosing a single-city home base.

Now, Twitter is abuzz with sightings of Padma Lakshmi, Top Colicchio, and Hugh Acheson in and around Juneau, which, we’re surmising, means the finale is shooting right now in Alaska. Hugh coolly replied that he was “just here sightseeing.” Uh huh. Smooth, Uni-brow.

KTOO News reported that a 150-person production crew descended upon the harbor, filming in a local spot called Tracy’s Crab Shack, as well as requesting paramedics on set. Red flag much? Camera crews have also been spotted in a local grocery store by residents.

Our predictions: Padma Lakshmi in a fur-lined hood and the final three participating in some sort of fish cleaning challenge on the docks in the harbor in the chill rain.

We’ll keep you posted as more details arise.

[Eater, KTOO News]

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