WATCH: Can You Find The Sober Person In This Belligerent Top Chef Seattle Smackdown?

You know what happens when you unleash five Top Chef-testants on a cruise and let them run wild? Stefan acts like he’s on spring break, Brooke comes out of her shell (not that far out, Stefan, back off), and Josh lands some of his best burns since calling Tesar a prick to his face during that one Stew Room.

Padma generously gifted the chefs a night out on their Celebrity Cruise to Alaska, where they enjoyed dinner at Qsine, a.k.a. “the finest restaurant on the seven seas.” Really, all that happened is that no one was not drunk in the epic smacktalk sesh, except for Lizzie, the perennial lady of the bunch. Thanks for keeping it classy, girl.

As for the rest of them, check out their belligerent verbal sparring below.

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