Tonight In Food TV: Puppies And Babies And Maybe Cooking On Top Chef Seattle

It’s the producer bombshell we’ve been waiting for all season: tonight, it looks like Josh Valentine’s wife officially goes into labor back in Oklahoma, providing lots of quivering mustachioed drama for us at home. Will production let Josh skip a day of shooting to accompany his pregnant wife through her delivery? Can the Magical Elves be so hard-hearted as to keep him sequestered in Alaska?

Well, thank goodness he has these puppies to keep him company. Yes, at the very least, the Elves let the four remaining Top Chef-testants go dog-sledding through the Alaskan tundra. Is anyone actually cooking tonight? Who knows. Look at how cute Padma is in her Lyra Belacqua-style fur pelts!

Check out a couple of sneak peeks of tonight’s episode below.

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