Top Chef Seattle Recap: The Night Of 100 Great Tom Colicchio Faces

Not only did we get to see an awesome photo of Tom Colicchio (with hair!) from his Gramercy Tavern days on last night’s Top Chef: Seattle, but we also got to see his best snark faces! Last night’s truly GIF-able moments were brought to you by Micah and Josie. Shocker.

In the first part of the Restaurant Wars challenge, chefs were each tasked with presenting a single dish representing their dream concept at a Seattle restaurant showcase. Kristen and Sheldon had the judges’ favorite dishes, which makes them the executive chef of their concepts on next week’s fully-fledged Restaurant Wars.

Sadly, Micah’s raw idea left Tom a little confused, and he eventually went home for it. (His argument was something about women in Beverly Hills refusing to eat cooked food. Right. Because Spago, for example, is super light and healthy all the time.) Josie had time management issues, yet again, and while she was explaining how her dish couldn’t possibly get any closer to coming from the heart, Tom deadpanned, “Hopefully we can get it a little closer to our plates.” Zing!

Check out spitfire Tom below.

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