Tonight In Food TV: John And Josh Kill Each Other (And Their Food) With Kindness On Top Chef Seattle

Because the best way to work with your arch nemesis in a team challenge is to see who can be the bigger doormat, right? Right.

John Tesar and Josh Valentine wind up paired off for a team challenge on tonight’s Top Chef: Seattle, and both of them take the approach of being unilaterally encouraging of one another, rather than allowing their feud to affect their food. For example, John oh-so-condescendingly rolls with it when Josh suggests making a breakfast taco, because John “wants him to be in his comfort zone.” Psh, sure John has worked a brunch service or two, but it’s really about Josh doing something he won’t screw up.

Josh begins to fret about the thickness of his grits, but doesn’t bring it up for the sake of keeping the peace. John fears that Josh is cooking his pork incorrectly, but he, too, doesn’t say anything.

GUYS! This is not how you win challenges. It’s not a smiling at each other contest. It’s a make delicious food contest. (Although we’re sure the incessant cheer is completely infuriating.)

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