WATCH: John And Stefan Brawl Over Frozen Tuna On Last Night’s Top Chef Seattle

Last night’s Top Chef: Seattle was filled with so many fun surprises! Stephanie Izard came back to serve as guest judge for both the Quickfire and Elimination Challenges (and looked amazing while doing so). Micah revealed that he named his daughters Sage and Saffron after their mom vetoed his original suggestions of “Cayenne” and “Cinnamon” on the grounds that they were “stripper names”.

And then there was Stefan and John Tesar’s major frozen tuna brawl. Stefan could only find good quality frozen tuna at Whole Foods for his head-to-head cook-off against John. When Colicchio came around to check up on the cheftestants, John totally narked on Stefan for his frozen fish in the pettiest of manners. Check out the clip below.

Of course, that lead to just about the bitchiest Stew Room catfight we’ve seen all season. Stefan was really firing on all cylinders. And by “firing on all cylinders,” we mean, “telling people to suck his dick a lot.”

Ultimately, Kristen won both the Quickfire immunity and the Elimination prize ($10,000!), while Danyele was asked to pack her knives and head to Last Chance Kitchen. Can we talk about how flirt-ay Kristen and Stefan are getting? Top Chef wedding bells anyone?

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