WATCH: Did Josie Call Micah Out Of The Closet On Top Chef Seattle?

Well, that was uncalled for.

After a rough night at the roller derby, where cheftestants got to watch their Elimination Challenge inspiration compete, Josie promptly passed out on the couch back at the house while competitors took to venting about her.

Sadly, the sleeping monster wasn’t quite done yet, and lumbered to her full height to fight back. On the one hand, homegirl’s got a point — you can’t really start bitching about her “in secret” when she’s right next to you. On the other hand, oh my god, Josie, you’re at a ten and we need you at like, a two.

But, of course, in the “I’m a strong confident woman who knows exactly who she is” part of her defense, she couldn’t resist calling Micah out.

“This tree right here? You don’t want to bark up, Micah. This right here knows who she is. You are hiding in a closet. Fuck you, asshole,” she fired off to a stunned room.

Okay, but really, the best part of this clip is Bart’s lime green and pink paisley button-down. Sadly The Belgian Knight went home after underseasoning on a team challenge (paired with — you guessed it — Josie).

Check out her meltdown (and Bart’s kind pep-talk) below.

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