Tonight In Food TV: Top Chef-testants Get A Little Paranoid With Tin Foil Hats

Just kidding! No bizarre government conspiracy theorists in this bunch (at least, not as far as we know). But we’re pretty sure tonight’s episode of Top Chef: Seattle was some poor Bravo intern’s own personal hell. For tonight’s Quickfire Challenge, chefs have to cook a dish creatively utilizing Reynold’s Wrap, with one minor twist: every, single ingredient in the kitchen is wrapped in the stuff.

So the chefs won’t know what ingredients they grab from the pantry, freezers, and refrigerator until they unwrap them. And then to get funky with foil on top of working with a handful of mystery ingredients? How about making cake batter in a foil mixing bowl? Or creating some sort of cooking receptacle out of a foil pot shaped using your noggin (ahem, Bart The Belgian Knight).

Check out a sneak peek below and tune in to Top Chef: Seattle tonight at 10pm on Bravo.

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