Tonight In Food TV: The Fight For Geoduck Begins on Top Chef Seattle

Tonight on Top Chef-mania (which is decidedly more bearable than Fox’s Ramsay-mania): Spike Mendelsohn’s parents totally lose it over a botched shipment to his newest culinary labor of love Bearnaise, on Life After Top Chef at 9pm. We have it on good authority that Fabio Viviani also has a meltdown (since the episode is called “Mt. Viviani Erupts” and all), but we’re sure he doesn’t use such crude language as Spike’s parents. Warning to your delicate ears: the phrases “SOB,” “son of a bitch,” and “schmuck” are used in the clip below. Oh, but wait, they’re used by elderly people, so it’s totally hilarious. Check it out.

Then, on Top Chef: Seattle at 10pm, we finally get into the nitty gritty of the competition after last week’s cop-out “preliminary round.” This week, it’s all the final contestants, in the same Top Chef kitchen, punching each other out for geoduck. Wait, what? Yes. Apparently, geoduck is the hot to trot local ingredient this season. PS. Can we voice an early respect for Chef Kristen Kish who finally said what we’ve all been thinking: “Geoduck is great! …Except it looks like a penis…a really big one.” Check out the sneak peek below.

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