WATCH: Winner Of #SaveAChef Revealed On Top Chef Seattle’s Last Chance Kitchen Finale

Last Chance Clusterfuck’s sub-competition #SaveAChef made all too clear that Bravo had jumped the social media shark this season. But, last night, its confusing results were revealed anyway. Basically, fans voted on the chefs who were ousted from LCK to get them back into LCK in an effort to hopefully get them back on the show. Got it? Neither do we.

So #SaveAChef came down to CJ and Lizzie, who met reigning LCK champ Kristen, and recently booted Josh at Craft in LA for their challenge. Luckily, CJ lives in LA, because he basically showed up for a total of three seconds in which Tom Colicchio announced that it would be Lizzie who advanced to cook her way back into the competition.

Also, Josh is showing off a svelte new frame, which he claims was a result of him seeing himself on television, but we think has just as much to do with the whole new baby at home/not having time to eat or sleep thing.

Check out last night’s three-way Last Chance Kitchen below, but: cliffhanger alert! The winner won’t be revealed until next week’s Top Chef: Seattle season finale.

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