Tonight In Food TV: You Won’t Believe The Top Chef Seattle Restaurant Wars Twist…

When we last left our heroes, the cheftestants were about to embark upon the finale of this season’s two-part Restaurant Wars challenge, guest judged by Danny Meyer. As Team Kristen and Team Sheldon check out their restaurant space, though, something seems to be missing…

A kitchen. Yes, in addition to building their restaurant space, teams must also build their own kitchens. And, to be fair, that probably just means pointing to where things should go while a crew puts it there, but still. Major time-suck.

On the one hand, we appreciate the added dose of realism provided by forcing the chefs to think about how to design a restaurant kitchen. That is a part of designing your own restaurant. But on the other hand, doesn’t this take things just a hair too far into reality shitshow and just a hair too far away from focusing on the food? Is anyone really considering the decor in judging Restaurant Wars?

Stay tuned to Bravo tonight to see who walks away Restaurant Wars victor, and check out a sneak peek below.

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