Tonight In Food TV: Danny Meyer Judges Top Chef Seattle’s Restaurant Wars!

It’s that time again — Restaurant Wars! And who better than the best restaurateur in America (at least, according to Josh Valentine) Danny Meyer to guest judge. (Really, though, the chefs’ childlike wonder and awe at him, mixed with the inspirational background music, is extremely adorable.) Wolfgang Puck, as Mr. 75-Restaurants-On-Three-Continents, will be on hand to judge, too.

And, because this is apparently the season of gilding the lily, this Restaurant War is split into two parts. First: an individual challenge, where each cheftestant must develop a single dish representing their restaurant concept. Then, the chefs with the two winning concepts will get the green light to pick teams and launch a full-fledged Restaurant Wars with their ideas.

Check out a sneak peek below!

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