WATCH: Top Cheftestants Bomb Their Dishes So Badly That No One Wins

As it turns out, wacky Pike Place Market artisanal ingredients combined with a team challenge do not serve Seattle’s Top Cheftestants well. Every single team bombed their elimination dishes last night so horribly that judges both refused to dole out the bonus cash prize of $10,000 to the winning team and decided to send a whole team home.

In the clip below, Tom Colicchio enters the stew room to scold the cheftestants after apologizing to the artisans who had to taste their ingredients in the butchered dishes. He gives them the night to think about what they’ve done — they’ll have to face the Judges’ Table the next day. Check out the clip to watch chef egos wither before your very eyes.

At Judges’ Table, CJ decides that it’s the best possible time to put his sassypants on. Guess what? It wasn’t. Guess why? He got sent home, along with Tyler. We know, we know, you’re devastated, but worry not! There’s always Last Chance Kitchen. Check out CJ’s outburst below.

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