Toronto is Getting The Toilet-Themed Dessert Bar No One Needed


If you’ve ever been sitting in your neighborhood ice cream shop, enjoying some cookie-dough ice cream and thought, if only this experience reminded me of sitting on my toilet, might we suggest a trip to Toronto? The city will soon be home to its very own toilet-themed dessert bar, the Toronto Star has reported.

Owner Lien Nguyen first came up with the concept when she was in Taiwan visiting her mother. She saw a poop themed restaurant, and she told the newspaper, “I just loved it. It’s funny to put food and poop together; it’s a great comparison.” Is it, though?

She added, “[It’s] considered very disgusting, [something] you can’t talk about when you’re eating.” We’re not sure that needs to change, but Nguyen is, and Poop Café Dessert Bar is set to open in mid-August. The cafe has an Instagram, and the place certainly looks like it’s pretty much ready to go:


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Though the theme is kind of insane, Nguyen plans to serve traditional Asian desserts which will change seasonally, including patbingsoo (red beans with ice). They will be served in toilet shaped dishes, because how else could they possibly be served?

While this seems outrageous, Moscow, Seoul, The Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Japan already have their own toilet-themed spots, and though the restaurant business is notoriously difficult, the restaurant in Taiwan that inspired Nguyen has been open since 2004. Maybe she’s onto something.

[image via Instagram]

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