Travel Channel Gets Michael Voltaggio To Host a Parts Unknown Ripoff

So, as we were scrolling through Travel Channel’s latest lineup of green-lit series, coming to a Torrent host near you, one show in particular stuck out. Read the log line for yourself:

Breaking Borders pairs Peabody Award-winning correspondent Mariana van Zeller with celebrated chef Michael Voltaggio as they travel into well-known conflict zones, to uncover and elevate the personal stories, perspectives and rich cultures from both sides of the conflict. Van Zeller and Voltaggio share a simple, but unique goal: to gather people from both sides of the conflict for an amazing meal and an animated discussion, where on a human level, they might just find some common ground. The one-hour pilot is produced by MY Tupelo Entertainment.”

Uhh, does that sound familiar to anyone else? Like a certain CNN series hosted by a certain cigar-eyed former badboy chef? Does it seem vaguely questionable in light of the fraught history Travel Channel shares with said badboy? Is it weird that this ripoff got green-lit but Andrew Zimmern’s cool, original Border Check spiraled into one-off obscurity?

Far be it for us to ask leading questions.

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