Travel Channel Pulls Adam Richman From Lineup After Instagram Meltdown

Everybody now, in one rousing, unison chorus: Here we go again.

Adam Richman plunged into the black hole of celeb social media demise when he posted some gross comments in response to criticism he received for using the hashtag #thinspiration on an Instagram post showing off his recent weight loss. Unbeknownst to Richman, thinspo is some pro-ana/pro-mia BS that contributes to damaging people’s perception of themselves. When some commenters pointed this out, he went a teeny bit off the rails, the highlight reel of which you can find here. (It involves calling some people “cunts,” and implying that some people should kill themselves. Straight white dude stuff to the max.)

He’s apologized via several tweet-and-deletes, but following The Paula Deen Model For Dealing With Unsavory Press, Travel Channel has postponed the premiere of Adam’s new show Man Finds Food, which was supposed to air tomorrow night. While they will neither confirm nor deny that it was a direct result of an Instagram comment war gone awry, Richman has issued the following statement regarding his “inexcusable comments” to ABC News:

“I’ve long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt.”

[Washington Post h/t ABC News]

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