WATCH: Treme Returns With Our Favorite Celeb Chefs Sipping An 1811 Cognac

Amidst all the Primetime Emmys hoopla last night, HBO quietly aired the Season 3 premiere of David Simon’s Treme, which, of course, means the return of our favorite celeb chef cameos on premium cable. We tuned in, and, in case you missed it, rounded up Chef Janette Desautel’s (Kim Dickens) scenes to recap until you can catch up.

Here’s the scoop: she’s still in New York working for David Chang, and contributing her very own dishes to his menu, but a restaurateur appears to be courting her for a triumphant return to New Orleans. Luckily, David’s got just the thing to keep her around for at least a little while longer. And that thing involves being the only lady at the table with him, Wylie Dufresne, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Alfred Portale, Jonathan Waxman, and her (fictional) former boss (on whose line she was working when she infamously tossed a Sazerac in Alan Richman’s face) Enrico Brulard.

Here’s the rising action:

Later we cut to that much anticipated hare à la royale dinner (“This is why there are no Easter bunnies in France,” mutters Wylie), where Brulard busts out cognac that was bottled before Napoleon fought the Battle of Borodino. You know, just a thing chefs do. Watch the jaw-dropping dinner below (oh-so-artfully inter-cut with live music scenes from a bar in the Treme… oh, that Simon!).

And, after that dinner, when the potentially pervy guy trying to poach Janette continues to show up at Chang’s place, the smackdown:

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