WATCH: New Orleans’ Celeb Chef Glitterati Attend Janette’s Soft Opening On Treme

Last night’s Treme saw the soft opening of Chef Janette Desautel’s (Kim Dickens) new restaurant, the appropriately-named Desautel’s. Along with Davis (fresh off their Mardi Gras fling) and her parents, New Orleans’ sparkliest celebrity chefs were in attendance to support Janette. Check out John Besh, Susan Spicer, Donald Link, JoAnn Clevenger (plus her handsome date), and Scott Boswell all hanging out at the same table below. And yes, Janette’s sassy star waiter-actor Derek Watson, who appears to have worked for all of the chefs listed above, is played by none other than Anthony Anderson.

Later, Derek displays a special talent for sniffing out food writers and bloggers, something which could easily be adopted by the Union Square Hospitality Group for their creepily hospitable practices. It also makes us extremely self-conscious about our choice of footwear and accessories for dining out.

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