WATCH: An Old Friend Returns, But Will Chef Janette Sell Out On Treme?

Anthony Bourdain is really making us wait for that super secret, super awesome, super unexpected celebrity chef cameo on this season of Treme. We’re in week two of celebrity chef cameo drought, in fact — one of the few bummers of Chef Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) returning back home from New York to open a restaurant in New Orleans.

On this week’s Treme, while her restaurant partner is busy staffing the front of the house with bimbos who can’t pronounce her dishes, Janette is visited by an old friend from New York who stops in for a kitchen job. Paul, who worked on the line with her at fictional NYC restaurant Brulard (before Janette tossed a sazerac in Alan Richman’s face and walked out, that is), is in need of a change of pace, and Janette obliges with a job in the kitchen. Check out the two clips below to see how Paul turns Janette’s liquor license frown upside down.

Oh, and did we mention this was the Christmas episode of Treme? And what better way for an aspiring chef to celebrate her grueling life than by serving a table of investors headed by her partner on Christmas Day. The first dish tasting goes well, but the second time around, it looks like Janette feels a little dirty about the whole “selling her art” thing… We feel you, homegirl. Check out the clip below.

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