For Your Viewing Pleasure, a Tumblr with Foods Identical to Iggy Azalea

Because it’s Friday and also what is this beauty.

Jezebel pointed us in the direction of the Tumblr “Foods That Look Like Iggy Azalea,” a very scientific portrayal of our favorite foods compared to our new, bright and shiny rap queen. The results are as hilarious as you might expect (but not on purpose, because the FAQ repeats that this is an art blog).

So you know, if you’ve ever wondered about whether your new favorite celebrity does really look like a trussed chicken, or coconut water, or meat loaf, head over to the Tumblr now. (We can verify that she does indeed look like rainbow sherbet.)

Do we get our complimentary Iggy bread now?

[Foods That Look Like Iggy Azalea h/t Jezebel]

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