WATCH: Richard Blais And YouTube Star Tay ‘Chocolate Rain’ Zonday Take Over Burger Lab

YouTube singer Tay “Chocolate Rain” Zonday joined Richard Blais on this week’s episode of Burger Lab, and while Blais vetoed Tay’s fantasy mayo-cranberry-sauce-turkey-burger, he did demo the finer points of turkey burger construction.

In a welcomed switch from last week’s “Juicy Lucy,” Blais cooked up a much lighter turkey burger with guac and sprouts on a whole wheat bun. Très Californique.

Tay doesn’t help much in the kitchen, and is basically there to behave, as one commenter so eloquently put it, “like an educated parrot,” singing a narration of everything Blais does as he’s doing it. We’ll take it.

Check out this week’s Burger Lab with Richard Blais in its entirety below.

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