WATCH: Tyler Florence Attacked By Swarm Of Bees


That headline is both sensationalist annd partially accurate: Tyler Florence has a terrifying bee problem in his backyard!

Tyler keeps a hive full of honeybees in his backyard, and last afternoon found them in an absolute frenzy. “Our bees are swarming, new queen’s coming,” he tweeted. “They’re splitting in half…” In bee parlance, “splitting” occurs when the hive is overpopulated, so a crowd of bees will just peace out with a new queen, much like moving out. Except in this case, your old sofa is COVERED IN BEES.

If you’re terrified of bees or have Nicolas Cage movies stuck in your head, be warned: Tyler’s video has a lot of bees.

Luckily, Tyler Florence has the number for his beekeeper programmed into his phone, because life is crazy and sometimes celebrity chefs need their beekeepers to come over and help calm the bees down. Rob the Beekeeper is also a little bit crazy, as he walks up to the hive without any protective gear and STICKS HIS HAND IN A PILE OF BEES OH MY GOD:

How does Rob the Beekeeper do this!? How does he scrape all the bees into a new hive with HIS NAKED HANDS like it ain’t no thang? Is he part bear? And Tyler, get that camera away from those bees, for the love of God:

Excuse us, we’ll be hyperventilating in the corner.

(On a separate note, do you think the honeybees showed up in Tyler’s backyard because of his endorsement of Applebee’s? We’ll show ourselves out.)

[Tyler Florence: @tylerflorence]

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