Tyler Florence Live-Tweets A Dinner He Cooked For President Obama

Last night, Tyler Florence cooked dinner for President Barack Obama and a few dozen guests at a $20,000 per plate fundraiser in Florida. While he didn’t sneak any videos of Obama saying he wished he were Latino, Florence, along with his wife Tolan Florence and pastry chef Matt Masera, took us behind the scenes of the dinner (after the Secret Service approved their cellphones) into the kitchens.

The following tweets from the fundraising dinner, held at the mansion of Don Miggs, a singer songwriter, and his wife Lisa DeBartolo, shows us mortals what one cooks for a room full of people who have paid $20,000 to see a presidential candidate speak. And according to Obama Foodorama, the food tasted as amazing as it looked, with the president calling it “outstanding.”

(On a separate note, campaign food is getting much better! Most fancy campaign dinners used to be comprised of rubber chicken breasts that tasted like farts.)

[h/t Obama Foodorama]

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