comScore Uber Will Now Deliver a Chef to You in the Hamptons

Uber Will Now Deliver a Chef to You in the Hamptons

If you happen to be vacationing in the Hamptons on August 9, you’re in luck! (Well, you’re already lucky. You’re in the Hamptons, you rich SOB).

After deciding that delivering ice cream was cool and all, Uber has teamed up with Kitchensurfing, a service that also delivers a chef to your front door to whip up treats, to create UBERCHEF. According to Business Insider, ” The chef – one of the 10 on-hand for Saturday – will come to your Hamptons house (assuming you have a Hamptons house) to cook and serve up a four-course meal of grilled summer BBQ favorites.”

It’s $35 a head, which everyone would like you to believe is expensive for your own personal chef whipping up but is really not at all (and also you’re in the Hamptons, since when do you care about money?). Bloomberg reports such a meal would usually run $75 a person, so quit your whining rich people. And yes, you will get a tiny taste of celebrity from the chefs: “one a former Chopped! contestant, another trained at Maialino, yet another was an Eataly fishmonger,” according to Bloomberg.

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