Ukrainian Candy Peace Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

Has society devolved to a place where even the act of giving free candy out to children is politicized? Okay, probably “creepy and wrong and only in the realm of pedophiles,” but trust us, there were no pedophiles at a demonstration by Ukrainian rebels in Donetsk. They did try to give children candy and lure them into their figurative propaganda vans. But of course, it ended poorly.

The rebels, who were in the city’s Lenin Square to protest the crimes of the ““bloodthirsty Kiev junta,” attempted to win over the crowd at the end of a series of speeches by driving a van full of candy to the square and freely distributing it to the children, saying that they seized the candy from a local warehouse.

The crowd soured quickly, however, when they learned exactly where the candy came from:

Some in the crowd noticed that the sweets were made by Roshen, the company owned by the Ukrainian tycoon known as the Chocolate King, Petro Poroshenko. He became the country’s president-elect last month in an overwhelming vote, but rebel supporters here blame him for the violence that has engulfed the country’s southeast.

The mood turned in a flash from exultant to furious. The carnival became a mob.

“It’s a provocation!” some in the crowd began to yell.

“The candy is poisoned!” screamed others.

“No to blood candy!” they chanted.

Oh well that’s a terrible mistake, almost on par with pig chocolates.

[Washington Post]

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