Umami Burger Creator to Open Restaurant with Chicken Fried in…Chocolate

You’d think that having a wildly successful burger chain would be enough for Adam Fleischman. You’d think that the Umami Burger founder would be pretty content in its success. You’d maybe allow him to indulge in a separate fried chicken chain, and maybe wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up wildly successful.

But when Fleischman announced to Eater LA that he was opening a restaurant where he would fry chicken in chocolate-flavored batter, we…what…salkjadfljdf…[mind explodes]:

ChocoChicken is set to launch in March…Fleischman, along with his AdVantage Restaurant Partners (Keith Previte and Sean Robins), is going for a version of new school fried chicken wherein the chicken’s fry batter is infused with chocolate. And no, don’t expect anything like mole.

And now, some formulas to sort our feelings:

Chocolate + chicken = candy fowl?

Chocolate + fried chicken = $$$???

Chocolate + fried chicken = within the realms of human imagination?!

Fleischman + chocolate chicken = Danny Meyer?!

Chicken gif photo tumblr_lnqbbypSBn1qazdhko1_500.gif


[Eater LA]

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