Adam Fleischman Of Umami Burger Says NYC’s Best Burgers Are ‘Just Okay’

An “okay” burger in New York City is a “really damn good” burger in most other places in America — unless, of course, you’re asking Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman. The owner of the cultish burger chain in Los Angeles is taking his patty party to NYC, and if the long lines at his Googa Mooga preview stand indicate anything, all those other burgers had best watch their backs.

Fleischman’s already hyping up the Umami Burger for all the New Yorkers who haven’t tasted its umami-ness, but in the meantime, he’s got plenty of smack(ish) talk for all the other famous burgers: “New York has some okay burgers,” he tells New York Magazine:

He enjoys the blend of meat April Bloomfield uses in her Spotted Pig burger, but wasn’t wild about the puffy, non-traditionalist bun. He has kind things to say about Keith McNally’s aged Black Label burger at Minetta Tavern, but balks at its price ($26). Besides, burger chefs in L.A. have been using aged beef in their blends for over a decade now. As for the [Shake Shack’s] ShackBurger, he feels it’s merely an ­imitation of the classic nostalgia burger, and a “not great” one at that.

As a group of burger-obsessed, New York-based writers, there’s only one way to properly respond to Fleischman’s outrageous allegations about his superior La-La-Land Burger. It’s with a bunch of GIFs.

[New York Magazine]

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