Best Unaired Top Chef Challenge Ever: Let’s Take Away The Cheftestants’ Thumbs!

Tonight, the Top Chef finale throws the top two cheftestants into some sort of hell mixture of Iron Chef’s Kitchen Stadium and Hell’s Kitchen Dining Room Stadium. But in an interview with Francis Lam at Bon Appetit, the producers hinted that it could have been much, much worse.

Producers Hillary Olsen, Doneen Arquines, Ivan Oyco, and Clara Bottoms, who design the wacky challenges on Top Chef, revealed to Lam that the challenges stem from a desire to “[show] the viewer a change that the chef is trying to adjust for.” Those changes can include things like cooking with one hand, cooking on crappy pans, cooking near a canyon of deadly DOOM, etc. But if you ever thought that some of those challenges were crazy, well — they could have been much worse:

Once we were talking about the evolution of cuisine, and then I was like, “Wait! Evolution! Well, man created fire, then cooking…but what if we had no thumbs? We’d just be peeling bananas or whatever. Yes! Let’s make them cook with no opposable thumbs!” And everyone looked like, “Okay, we’re being crazy.” No thumbs-up for no thumbs. That’s being in the room for too long.

While that might be one of the most unsafe ideas we’ve ever heard of in a kitchen (seriously, opposable thumbs are what separate us from the animals), we think this might make a really good SNL sketch. It might probably be better than the one with the dogs.

[Bon Appetit]

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