Uncharacteristically Mad Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle to ‘F*CK OFF’ via $212,500 Check

Frank Ocean, sweet, sad, quiet, high-singing Frank Ocean, got mad at a company that few people would ever get mad at: Chipotle. He got so mad that he returned $212,500 that they’d paid him to sing in a commercial, and he got so mad that he told them to “FUCK OFF” in big, all-caps letters on the check.

Last week, TMZ reported that Chipotle was suing Ocean for backing out of a contract to sing on That Scarecrow Commercial You Saw A Bajillion Times. (Apparently, he was slated to sing “Pure Imagination” instead of Fiona Apple, and frankly, we’re sad he didn’t. Also, we didn’t mean to make that “frank” pun. Please believe us.) According to the suit, Ocean received $212,500 as an advance, but the singer backed out of the project once he realized it was less of a call to end factory farming and more of a giant Chipotle ad.

Yesterday, Ocean settled the matter once and for all by sending them the following check, which he posted on his Tumblr:

Chipotle, being a corporation, told TMZ that they were glad he paid back their money, even if he wasn’t apparently too happy about it.


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