That Hoax Underfinger Restaurant Had a Dinner and Everything We Believe About Restaurants Came to Life

“It tells a sad but delicious story,” says Chef Jasper Paulson in his true rendition of the everyone-knows-it’s-a-fake Underfinger — and no truer words have been spoken. (Especially when it involves charcuterie gloves.)

Justin Warner and his team at Do or Dine do an impeccable job of bringing the chef and Underfinger to life, and it’s every bit as absurd as we would have hoped for. Some of our favorite quotes from the chef:

“I’m going to bring Underfinger to Brooklyn because it’s my belief that they need more restaurants out there.”

“This door is made out of respect for Thomas Keller; he has a useless door at his restaurant Per Se. Now we have our own useless door at Underfinger.”

“We are all essentially meat [cue to shot of diners chewing off charcuterie meat hands].”

“The seahorse is … dried, and then I rehydrate it to bring it back to life.”

“I don’t want to kill, unless it’s killing in people’s mouths.”

Oh Justin, you’re good too. Save us some sweetbreads?

*Update: How did we not realize that Bobby Flay totally plays fangirl in all of this?!*

[The Infatuation]

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