Underfinger Is No Longer a Hoax, Which Makes One of Us Look Like an *sshole

Immaculate Infatuation wrote a spot-on spoof review of a fake restaurant called Underfinger, which combined all the best worst parts of hipster dining tragedy. We were really excited about it, because it was smart, wry, and cathartic for us. Then they made it real, because there’s nothing food media loves more than eating itself. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

According to Immaculate Infatuation:

You probably saw our review of Underfinger, a restaurant that probably could exist, but definitely does not.

Or does it? During a crazy day on Tuesday of fielding emails from people looking for Underfinger’s phone number (seriously), we decided there was only one thing left to do – make it real.

So, on Monday June 9th, for one night only, Underfinger will become a restaurant. Justin Warner and his team at Do or Dine will bring the entire farm-to-finger menu to life (because, who else?), and we’ll be there too. Tickets are $150 (it turns out that making a meat glove is quite expensive), and there are only a few left. Snatch them up if you’ve ever wanted to try seahorse.

74-ounce steaks for everyone*! Buy…$150 tickets here?

*parties of four

[Immaculate Infatuation]

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