WATCH: Vancouver’s Sandwich Nazi Will Tell You All About His Sex Life (NSFW)

My fine hometown of Vancouver, Canada apparently has a male escort-turned-sandwich nazi with a penchant for feeding the homeless and sharing the sordid details of his sex life. In the following video — brought to my attention via a kindly family member; uh, thanks — Salam Kahil, owner of “Scandanavian deli” La Charcuterie in Surrey, B.C., recounts his favorite sex-gone-wrong emergency room tale, delivers sandwiches to downtown Vancouver’s east side, and talks non-stop about blow jobs, masturbation, and why the war in Afghanistan is a waste of Canada’s time and money.

Mad crazy? Or mad genius? You decide.

It’s NSFW for work (without headphones), but absolutely worth watching:

The Sandwich Nazi from Lewis Bennett on Vimeo.

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