WATCH: Drunk Canadian Food Hipsters Teach Us About The ‘Lobster Luge’

Do you find yourself in need of a comprehensive Toronto hipster neighborhood food map? Let the slightly brined crew from Hopgood’s Foodliner be your guides! After a brief rundown of their homage to Canadian maritime cuisine, Geoff Hopgood and his posse take us to Chantecler in Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood, Hole in the Wall in the Junction neighborhood, and finally, back to Foodliner for a seafood feast, including something they affectionately refer to as a “lobster luge.”

Whatever could our neighbors to the north possibly mean? Exactly what it sounds like. Obtain empty lobster shell; hold to lips; pour vodka/whiskey down the sloping tail and into your thirsty, butter-smeared mouth.

In short, get thee to Toronto. Alternatively, check out the latest episode of Vice’s Munchies, in which all of this goes down, below.

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