WATCH: Conan O’Brien Declares War against Marcus Samuelsson…over LinkedIn Followers

Last night, the trumpets of war blared, the dogs of war waited to be slipped, and late night host Conan O’Brien declared a feud against chef Marcus Samuelsson for the grievous offense of having more LinkedIn followers than he does. (See above.)

“I’ve been on television for over twenty years,” Conan said in disbelief, upon learning that he wasn’t the king of LinkedIn. “All [Samuelsson] does is smugly criticize other people’s food on cooking game shows.” (Also, he writes books, runs restaurants, and marries supermodels. To be fair, though, Samuelsson has been doing a lot of cooking shows lately.)

Out of all the Marcus Samuelsson feuds we’ve covered, this has to be our favorite one. (Sorry, Eddie Huang. This fight’s far more arbitrary and random!) We’ve reached out to Samuelsson’s team and will update if we hear anything back regarding what could be the most ridiculous feud ever.

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