Heston Blumenthal To Lose TV Spot After Survey Reveals That Brits Don’t Care About Celebrity Endorsements

In a blow to celebrity food endorsements, rumors are flying about that the British high-end supermarket chain Waitrose is thinking about dropping its two spokespeople: renowned chef Heston Blumenthal and British TV cooking lady Delia Smith.

The two, who have multimillion-pound contracts with Waitrose to appear in their television ads and assemble baskets that drain the country of elderflower liqueur, might be dropped from the company by the end of this year, reports The Drum. And why would you ever take away your celebrity spokespeople? Survey says…people don’t really care anymore.

“Heston and Delia have done a ­brilliant job for Waitrose and they have really raised its profile across the UK,” a source told The Daily Star. “But there was a feeling that future ad campaigns should focus more on the quality of the food available and not on the celebrities.”

In addition, England is starting to feel some celebrity chef burnout: a recent survey conducted by Netmums found that out of all the things that make people want to buy things during the holidays, only “four per cent [of those polled] suggested that using celebrities helped to create a perfect Christmas ad.”

Ouch. Poor celebrities. Speculation time: when will this celebrity chef fatigue hop the pond? One year? Five years? Or never?

[The Drum via Eater]

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