Messy Breakup: Walmart’s Still Selling Paula Deen Items After Dumping Her

Celebrity chef placements with big box stores can have messy breakups, too: while Paula Deen is out rehabilitating her image, Walmart is still selling her branded products — for the next three months, anyways — after dumping her back in June. Because a breakup just not as simple as throwing out her clothes (and cookware, and cookbooks).

The Associated Press reports that Walmart’s had a bit of an oopsy daisy when it came to throwing out Deen’s stuff. Although the retailer said it wouldn’t place another order for her branded merchandise, it still had plenty leftover waiting to be sold. So Walmart expects to keep Deen’s products on the shelves through the year, to get rid of the remaining merchandise.

Of course, Walmart’s discounted some of the stuff, but by the looks of its website, not by much. So the question begs to be asked: just how much is Deen making off these leftover product sales, if anything? Must be keeping her in a pretty good mood these days while she makes her comeback.

[Associated Press]

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