WATCH: Wanda Sykes Cracks Flawless Paula Deen Joke, Then Kathie Lee Ruins It

Wanda Sykes joined the ladies of The Fourth Hour on The Today Show this morning to plug her new OWN comedy special Herlarious (part one of which tragically aired right as the George Zimmerman verdict was handed down, probably killing her ratings). Tacked onto the end of her segment was one last question from Hoda Kotb about what she thought of the Paula Deen Racism Scandal.

Replied Wanda, “She said she’s only said the n-word once, but now that she’s lost her whole empire, I’m pretty sure she’s saying it a lot more,” followed by an impression of Paula waking up in the morning and firing off a string of slurs.

Everyone in the studio cracked up (including Hoda, who full-out cackled), except, of course, for Kathie Lee Gifford, whose stormy deadpan rained on everyone’s parade.

“But don’t you feel bad for her at all?” she asked in her best self-righteous tone, effectively zapping the room of any joy and ending Wanda’s comedy plug on a somber, guilty tone. You know what, Kathie, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t. At all. Even though she sheepishly admitted that she does because you basically made her look like a heartless monster if she had answered any other way. Brilliant anchoring at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Check out the clip below.

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