Wanted Criminal Found in a Subway Across From Police Station: Last Call

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Before you head out for the day, here are a few things you need to know:



The most wanted criminal on earth was found working in a Subway in the U.K. Given Subway’s ubiquity, you would think the criminal would have taken the time to find a place of work not directly across from a police station.

Grub Street

Prosperity dumpling is reopening! Don’t worry, it’s a new location. Apparently the alley on Eldridge St. was beyond repair.

First We Feast


We already told you that Sydney’s In-N-Out pop-up sold out of burgers before it even opened, but it seems the hype was for naught. Australians can’t tell the difference between In-N-Out and McDonalds. Probably best to skip the lines and go for the dollar menu, in that case. Also, they don’t deserve a delicacy such as In-N-Out.

Wall Street Journal

Uber has declared war on GrubHub. They plan to roll out a food delivery service in 10 major cities in the next few weeks. Right now, they have UberEats, but that’s only a few restaurants at a time. This will be a new, full-scale service.

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