The Washington Post Cuts Food Blog All We Can Eat

Is this just a bad day for food sites? First Gourmet Live went dead; now, The Washington Post’s food blog is getting the boot.

In a long post, editor Tim Carman wrote that, thanks to the Post’s decision to streamline the organization, it was time for their blog All We Can Eat to shut down. “Management has decided that throwing 1,000 blogs at the problem isn’t the solution,” he wrote. “We need to focus our energies on a smaller number of blogs that draw the majority of the traffic, such as the Going Out Gurus, where I will continue to add my voice.”

He continued:

It pains me to type that sentence, and not because I’ve been the primary editor and writer for the blog for more than two years now. It pains me because All We Can Eat has been a reliable partner over these many months — one that openly accepted our gossip, our rants, our recaps, our reflections, our breaking news, our barbecue coverage, our beer reports, our favorite recipes, our improvisational cooking, our polls, our roundups and so much more.

Many of the writers and top features of All We Can Eat have survived, however, and will make its way into the still-vibrant Food section of the paper, particularly one Carol Blymire’s Top Chef recaps. But on a day where food media sites seem to be dropping like flies, we’re sad to see one go. Good luck to everyone involved.
[The Washington Post]

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