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WATCH: A Conversation Between Massimo Bottura and Wylie Dufresne on All Things Culinary and Challenging

Two culinary greats in one conversation? Yes please.

92Y hosted Massimo Bottura and Wyle Dufresne in a culinary conversation that makes us hungry for pasta and fried mayonnaise. The highlights:

Bottura talks about the time he and his future wife finding jobs at the exact same time, at the exact same restaurant, questioning traditions (like boiling meat), the hazards of fame, the creation of recipes, and Ferran Adria (!) driving him nuts!

Dufresne spins off on the inspiration of New York, corn duck at wd~50 and its likeness to Katz’s Deli’s pastrami sandwich, difficult restaurants and the wonderful challenge behind them, the haters who wanted him to make salads (he still doesn’t), and the largesse of ingredients that make “iconic” New York dishes.

It’s a lovely, beautiful thing to watch.


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