WATCH: A Shocked Marcus Samuellson Learns That ‘Foodie’ Jimmy Fallon Can’t Chop An Onion

Adorable late night bunny Jimmy Fallon recently invited Marcus Samuelsson, hat-master and Beard nominee, onto his show to do One Of Those Cooking Demo Things Where Samuelsson Happens To Promote The Newest Season Of Chopped: All Stars, as he does. But the real story isn’t about Chopped, or even about Samuelsson and his non-stop style. No, the story here is that Samuelsson tried to get Fallon to chop up onions for a dish called “bunny chow,” and Fallon nearly hacked off his own hand.

“You’re a foodie!” Samuelsson gaped. “I saw you in a food magazine!”

“Yes, I was,” Fallon slurred, hacking sadly at the onion skin. “I was on the cover.”

Behold, Fallon’s facade of food fanaticism falling (and a bread fight between Questlove and Samuelsson) below:

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