WATCH: A Thoroughly Mind-Blowing Look At Grant Achatz’s Alinea

Feeling uninspired, uncreative, and in a general state of misery about the death of artistry? Uh, pull out your moleskine and prepare to have your mind blown by this incredibly cinematic look behind the scenes of Grant Achatz‘s boundary-pushing, convention-bending, whimsical 3 Michelin-starred Alinea in Chicago. The Avant Garde Diaries spoke to both him and his tableware sculptor Martin Kastner (yeah he has a sculptor designing his dishes and utensils), set their interviews to some plinky piano and strings, and used some washed out/grainy effects on the footage (we’re obviously film editors, here), and the result is an immensely moving tale of re-invented New American cuisine. This is sure to strike a chord with foodies and aspiring chefs alike, so, amidst our mindless deluge of talk show clips, we highly recommend you take a look at this for a little palate cleanser. It gave us major feelings.

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