WATCH: Action Bronson and Daniel Boulud Bond over Pressed Duck

Action Bronson is a rapper/chef (how often do you hear that?), and is the host of the popular Vice Munchies series, “F*ck That’s Delicious.” Daniel Boulud is an extremely high brow French chef. For Vice Munchies this week, Bronson went to Daniel on the upper east side to taste canard à la presse (pressed duck), a dish that takes five days to make.

When Bronson walks into the kitchen of Daniel, he immediately tells a pastry chef, “I took mushrooms the other day on Christmas day…Oh man…I was intertwined with my lady for like eight hours straight.” And that’s within the first three minutes.

As you might imagine, the rest of the segment is quite entertaining. Watch below:

[Video via Vice Munchies]

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