WATCH: Thomas Keller’s Staff Meals Involve Puppies, According To Author

In her new book Come In, We’re Closed: An Invitation To Staff Meals At The World’s Best Restaurants, Jody Eddy documented exactly what the book title says: what the best restaurants in the world serve their own staff for dinner, a daily ritual that keeps their employees happy and fosters a sense of community. One of the most fascinating staff dinners, she recalls in a talk at the Googleplex, occurred at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc — a restaurant, she recounted with surprise, that essentially served the staff dinners from his famous French Laundry. And their own staff meals? Those were actually giant parties.

“I was initially thinking [that] The French Laundry would be where we would land, but [Keller] actually wanted us to focus on Ad Hoc,” she explained. “They have an incredible tradition there: every Monday — they don’t work on Tuesdays — they have this blowout staff meal. They save all of the leftover wine from the last week. They can bring their dogs to the staff meal. It’s this gorgeous feast.”

Okay, yeah, morale sounds great at Ad Hoc.

Check out the rest of Eddy’s staff meal encounters below (as well as Masaharu Morimoto’s enormous maki roll, which is really a maki roll, dirty minded readers.)

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