WATCH: Adam Richman Apologizes for Instagram Rant on Sway

It’s been weeks since Adam Richman went off on a woman on Instagram and called her the dreaded c-word, but he finally made his apology — on Sway In The Morning? Okay, sure.

Richman admitted in an in-depth interview with DJ Sway and his crew (and, actually, it’s pretty in-depth) that he hadn’t known that #thinspiration, the hashtag that got him in trouble in the first place, was actually a rallying hashtag for anorexics. “I honestly thought it was a silly, made-up word. I honestly didn’t know it had that negative connotation.”

Then Sway asked the question on everyone’s mind: why did you call that woman a cunt? Says Richman:

“I went and said a bunch of stuff I’m not proud of. And the bottom line is, I got into an argument starting from [that hashtag, and] the way I reacted to both people reacting to it, and the way they came at me, and I just lashed out in a really, really crude, really inappropriate way…I’m an adult. I know better than to use language like that, and to use it in a cavalier way, and I couldn’t be more sorry about everything that went down.”

Richman lost one of his TV deals because of it, but still has an NBC show.

[h/t Eater]

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