WATCH: Alex Stupak And Chris Cosentino Brainstorm An Eclectic Menu For The Push Project, Pt. III

Every three months, culinary juggernaut Alex Stupak invites a chef that he admires to his New York City restaurant for a culinary collaboration/8-course dinner known as Push. This is his third one, and it happens to be with Chris Cosentino — whom he met over Twitter while hunting for a particular type of herb — and involves…classic New England favorites, of all things. Yes, we’re aware that Alex Stupak is known for his Mexican cuisine; yes, we know he started out as a patissier for Jean-Georges; yes, we know that Cosentino loves guts. But sometimes, certain chefs might happen to have Italian roots in New England, and sometimes, they conceive projects like Push so they can “get to cook the way chefs normally don’t get to cook every day.”

Bathe in the spirit of collaboration by watching the video below, and book seats for the June 28th event by going here.

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