WATCH: Alton Brown Can, In Fact, Tell You How To Get To Sesame Street

We do love a good video flashback, so when Alton Brown’s Sesame Street episode reran today, we did not eschew the opportunity to fondly relive our childhood. The Word on the Street (formerly the Word of the Day for those of you who haven’t watched in a few years) was “recipe,” and who better than Alton Brown to explain to Abby what a recipe was?

Thing obediently handed Alton a couple of his go-to recipes to make with Abby: oatmeal cookies and spinach quiche. But Alton opted instead to make his most favorite recipe. It contained only three ingredients: music, balloons, and friends. Silly Alton, that’s not a recipe, you’re surely thinking. But it is, friends. It’s a recipe for FUN.

And “fun” is what we had way too much of this morning rewatching Alton Brown’s turn on Sesame Street. Also, vodka.

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